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Tips And Tricks in Using Your Blackberry

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Actually Blackberry provides many shortcut (a shortcut) to optimize the access speed of its features to save you time. Here are some tips and tricks on using the Blackberry:

BlackBerry General Tips

    * To return to the Home Screen press the ESC key.
* To send email press the letter C.
* To move the application hold the ALT key and press the ESC key, then select the desired application and release the ESC key.
* Receive a file transfer via bluetooth: The first Bluetooth enabled beforehand by going to Manage Connections menu. Then check the Bluetooth box is checked. then into Media menu, select Options -> Receive Using Bluetooth and Save.
* To reply to email that has been read press the letter R, to forward press the letter F.
* To see the senders email address Email: select a contact name and press the letter Q.

Tips for adding a New Email Account
As a sophisticated mobile phone top-nan, the Blackberry has the advantage to accommodate up to ten email accounts you have. So no need to bother login email one by one while checking it every day.

Next to Incoming and Outgoing Email Account of some you can directly use it in a single device. There are two ways to add email accounts, that is through this device directly or through Webclient operator you use.

Adding & deleting BlackBerry Email Account
Go to the Main Menu, select the Email Settings icon had a letter with pictures gear and red arrows. Once the icon is clicked, then there is the option for New Users and Existing Users. When is your first time using the Blackberry service, need to create a new account (Create New Account) and follow the instructions.

If you already have an account then select Existing User and enter your username and password. after login select Services -> Email Accounts -> Add An Email Account username and password and enter the Email Account you already have, such as Yahoo, Gmail, Microsoft Outlook etc.. Then after entering your username and password click Next. Wait a while and if successful will have notification on the screen.


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