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Ten Tips to Enhance Your Marital Bliss

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Marital life is at crossroads in the DINK(Double-Income-No-Kid) society of modern life. It is a well-known fact that the present generation treats marital life as an instrument of convenience to put up a facade of respectability and a convenient get together without any responsibility. It is after sex but is not ready to take up the responsibilities that sex involves.

Marital life, the greatest institution of human life

But in reality, marriage is a covenant of lifelong commitment between a man and a woman, and not a convenient contract which is subject to early termination. It involves contractual aspects such as compromise and bargaining. Divorces are on the increase every day all over the world.

Sociologically, marital life being the foundation of the family and the basic building block of a society, it brings significant stability and value to human relationships. It also plays an important role in the transfer of culture and civilization into future generations as it remains the ideal for procreation.

Ten tips to enhance marital bliss and family life

1) Accept your spouse as he/she is

Your marriage is not an incident happened by chance. It has been instituted by God. Man and woman have been created by God in unique manner with many telling differences. There are striking differences physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In fact, it is these differences that make both sexes attractive. These differences are to be understood and accepted. The deeper the degree of your acceptance, the better will be the quality of your marital life. 

2) Love is the basis of life

Love comes first in the marital life. It dawn in blossoming love, walks on for decades cherishing that love and ends up walking off into the sunset, hand-in-wrinkled-hand, with a silver-haired mate. What do those geriatric lovebirds know better than what you know? Love is bearing and patient.

3) Cherish and celebrate the other

The differences between you call for that celebration. Your spouse is a real gift from God for your life’s journey, meant to be helper, and a partner throughout your life. Your spouse, together with your children that join you in you journey, indeed is a big reason for your life-long celebration. 

4) Make sex a responsible blessing and not a boring chore

Sex is holy blessed by God. Make sex a responsible priority in your marital life. It is the enriching factor of responsible marital life. But world over, sex has spawned solemn surveys, steamy scandals, sell-offs and suicides, apart from a zillion snotty tots.

5) Share your joys and sorrows

It is with that promise of sharing joys and sorrows that you enter into the marital life. Find out the common goals and values and share them in your life. Work together and find joy in doing it together. Push and pull for the same basic things in your lives.

6) Make sacrifices for the other

Sacrifice is the fruit of true love. God proved his love towards human beings by sacrificing His son on the Cross for the redemption of humanity. Sacrifices build up love and strengthen relationship. Marital life can be successful only on sacrifice and true love.

7) Complement each other

God has made man and woman in halves, so that we can complement and complete each other. The keys to the missing links in one are held by the other. Live together and fulfill the other which will bring plenty of cheer and blessings into your marital life.

8) Look positively and appreciate

Appreciation can do wonders. Looking at the negative side and nagging will create and worsen problems. But a positive outlook and appreciation can bring sunshine and even dispel the darkness of melancholic moods.

9) Forgive the other

John Powel says that pencils have erasers because we all make mistakes and it is quite fitting in marital life. When your spouse makes mistakes, be ready to forgive him/her. (Matthew 18: 22) to err is human; but to forgive is divine. This makes marital life a heavenly bliss.

10) Sit together with your spouse to draw your family budget

It is with the finance that many problems of divorce start. In fact, money is the number-one reason for which couples quarrel, relationships tend to suffer and marriage fails. According to a 2004 poll it was found that nearly 40 percent of married people admit to lying to their spouse about a purchase. It is true that money woes can quickly send your marital life to court gates. Share your ideas and plan your budget.

Marital life is an adventurous journey. It can be made blissful and enjoyable. Let the above tips help you on your way towards a loving, satisfying and mutually supportive married life. 


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