Sunday, December 17

Setting Tips New Blackberry And Functions

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Second, continue by typing TEST, then press the trackball and select start, check all the part you want to test and select RUN, follow all the stages so you can make sure all functions in the blackberry is going well.

Function – a function which can in check:
1. The keyboard and trackball
2. Misc
3. Handset Audio
4. Audio Headset
5. Bluetooth Audio
6. RF compartment
7. GPS

For small letters still have not gprs GPRS:
Step by step:
1. Go to Options> Advanced Options> Host Routing Table> select distinguished above then press the BB logo select register now
2. Go to Options> Mobile Network> Network Selection Mode> change to manual
3. Select another operator, press logos BB> save
4. Disconnect the battery
5. Repeat step 1, change to automatic

To Shortcut:
How to activate:
Press the phone button which is green, press the BB logo, select Options> General Options> change the Dial From Home Screen option to no, press the BB logo> save

Shortcuts prepared horizontal keyboard layout:
The first line:
Q: Press 1 second -> profile to vibrate, press 1 second -> back to normal
T: Task
Y: Yahoo Messenger
U: Calculator
O: Options

The second line:
A: Contact
S: Search
D: Memopad
F: Select Profile
H: Help
K: Keypad lock
L: Calendar

Third row:
C: Making SMS
V: Saved Messeges
B: Internet Browser
N: Blackberry Messenger
M: Email Messeges combined

Alt + esc (the sign next to a back-end calls): move an application (application switcher)

To Copy Paste:
1. Highlight the phrase / word that wants to be copied by pressing shift
2. Press alt and trackball simultaneously (copy)
3. Place the cursor in place who want the paste
4. Press shift and trackball simultaneously (paste)

To Recalibrate Battery:
1. Charge up to full
2. Use until exhausted
3. Pinjem battery temen, 3 minutes off
4. Restore original battery
5. Charge fully until at least 4 hours
(* If applicable)

Changing the Signal Bar Being Score:
Press alt + NMLL New Blackberry on your home screen and jreeengg ..!!!.

PS: Good luck:)


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