Monday, December 18

Life After Youtube …

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I have to admit I have been addicted to YouTube for years.  There is something about the potent mix of vlogs, pirated content, and commercial content tailored for the Internet that intrigues.  But YouTube has turned into a place for content producers to stroke each others ego.  If you aren’t into the drama that goes on between vloggers you are wasting your time.  YouTube used to be interesting, but anymore it is as narcissistic as Twitter.

“Look at me, what can I do to get page views, I have just become a partner with Google!”; for a select few, there are tens of thousands of dollars to be made on YouTube.  But just like Twitter, if you aren’t playing the game right and are not willing to give your audience what they want you lose followers fast.  After a while you simply do not care anymore.  

I have my subscriptions but I rarely log onto the site anymore.  YouTube is still a cool site, but it is not earning me any money.  I tried implementing some of the videos on the site onto my blog, but there is no evidence that suggests that anyone is checking out the posts anymore than they were when I was writing articles.  Getting page views used to be easy on the site, but now everyone wants to be entertained with dumb content, no one wants to learn anything anymore.  The same ridiculous videos of cats receive 30 million views when content that is actually talking about something interesting receives 300 views.

I see the same content producers going out of their way to come up with thought provoking content, only to receive at best, a few hundred thousand views.  YouTube is one of the least reported, most engaging social networks out there.  The reasons why no one talks about YouTube are rather obvious; the interface is ugly, boring, and a non starter.  But if you get beneath the plain vanilla wrapping it can actually become more interesting than other social networking sites.  YouTube is the Hulu of social networking, meaning that it is a disposable free product that buries all of the good content underneath “promoted content” that is utter garbage.  Promoted content is entertaining enough, but it is a huge diversion and a time waster.  The better the content the fewer views that are received.  Capitalism at its finest …


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