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The Fresh World of Web Construction

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Do you have an old, antiquated-looking site, eh? Time to get with the program and update your look! The old saying goes: “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression,” and nowhere is that more important these days than in web design. The greatest tools for web design presently are Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and other similar Content Management Systems (CMSs). Here is a simple description of CMS along with a quick overview of some of the most used ones.

So What is CMS Anyway?

A Content Management System is simply a type of software that sets up and then keeps track of every component of a website: text, photographs, video, etc. Such systems usually have templates that can be used in website creation which makes it relatively for almost anyone to do it. It’s like having a virtual administrator at your beck and call 24/7: content is managed for you! CMS is not exactly “web site creation and management for dummies,” but it’s mostly close: you don’t need to have professional technical knowledge to accessthem.


Joomla is currently the most poplar CMS in the world. The software can be used to create basically any kind of site imaginable: personal, small business, corporate, and even E-commerce. It has various of add-ons (or extensions) that are created to take the basic template you choose and then create a look that’s completely unique. For example, you can add a weather module, live support, or carousel display to spotlight specials.


Drupal is another popular CMS that boasts hundreds of thousands of users worldwide}. It is a completely flexible type of software that allows users to make either a complex or simple site in hours instead of days. Basically any kind of content can be handled my Drupal, including videos, polls, blogs, podcasts and so forth. One of the greatest things about Drupal is that its administrative powers make directing content a snap. Like Joomla, there are many add-ons that allow a site to be customized to excellence.


Like other CMAs, WordPress is taking over the world of web design! In fact, it is guessed that approximately 1% of all websites worldwide use this software for all or part of their site construction. WordPress is particularly useful for SEO purposes: it uses various functions like creating categories, tagging posts, using H1 and H2 headers and sending pings to other websites as ways to help a site rank higher with search engines. It’s completely user-friendly and has a host of themes and plugs available to decide from.

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