Monday, December 18

Massage Table Outlet: Must-Have Essentials For Fresh Bodywork Specialist

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A massage therapist can have many labels, including touch therapist, bodywork specialist or massage practitioner; but no matter which label you prefer, you also want to be known by this very important term: professional.

If you are new to the career, you no doubt already note that the secret to a auspicious career is the best consolidation of skills and valuable equipment. You know you have the abilities. But in order to build up a faithful, consistent clientele as well as a impeccable reputation it is imperative that you outfit yourself with the correct equipment. Your massage table in particular is your stock in trade: it is your office, your desk and your treatment area all rolled into one – so the one you choose will make all the difference. Here are the must-have essentials every new massage therapist should invest in.

Massage Tables: If you are an independent contractor you may require only one compact massage table to get started with. So make sure you choose a great one! If you plan on setting up shop in a spa or are a spa owner, you’ll want to explore stationary tables carefully before settling on your decision. Value is by far more essential than just finding the lowest price: you want to make sure you only look at massage tables that:

  1. Have all the features you’ll need for the types of service you are likely to give. “Underbuying” for the sake of price will just harm you more in the long run: you’ll probably end up buying more tables or pay extra to accessorize it.

  2. Have the types of comfort features that will help your clients forget that they are even on a table! The best massage tables, even portable ones, make comfort a high priority in their composition.

  3. Feature ergonomics that make your work as simple and enjoyable for you as possible. Keep in mind your own height, abilities and other aspects when selecting a table and you will enjoy a long and pain-free vocation.

  4. Are the safest on the market. The composition should be solid, steady, enduring and thoroughly safety-tested for clients of all shapes and sizes under a wide range of treatment contexts. To ensure you are buying a safe product, only buy from manufacturers with a status for greatness in the industry.

Great Lubrication: Lubricants are an essential branch of all massage therapists’ stock of supplies. Make sure you keep a collection of natural as well as hypo-allergenic products for clients who are susceptible to certain ingredients or prefer more organic products.

Linens & Warming Closet: Every massage should be a little slice of heaven; and nothing says leisure for customers like enjoying clean, comfortable, warm linens. Purchase good quality towels and sheets that will last through multiple washings and don’t forget to invest in a reliable warming cabinet.

The Little Extras: A CD player, appealing and relaxing music, scented and unscented candles as well as other little extras add a final touch and will be much enjoyed by your growing clientele.

Because: success comes from combining your wonderful bodywork skills with the correct supplies.


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