Wednesday, December 13

Trying to Have Confidence

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Trying to have Confidence

Smiling helps.Smiling helps.

If you are born a shy person like me, it’s very hard to project yourself. You tend to be a listener, rather than a talker, but it always seems to be the self confident people who do so well in life. This has made me work on certain things in an effort to try and develop my confidence. Here are some of my tips.


When we smile, it transforms our whole face. We may be feeling absolutely wretched inside, but it won’t show, and a smile immediately attracts people to us. Remember, smiling is the first social communication a baby makes.


We are not all born beautiful, but we can all be well groomed. It is important to be clean, keep your hair looking nice, and wear smart clothes. In the case of a woman, make-up also helps to make you look your best, it doesn’t have to be heavy, just light and natural looking.


A person without confidence will think they don’t have any, but that is not true. We are all good at something, whether it be a sport, music, art, literary subjects or sciences, even something like flower arranging or cooking, some of us definitely have more flair at it than others. By working on it, and developing that talent, you have something to talk about with others, and they will respect and admire your knowledge of it.


That may sound a strange thing to say, but the more you worry about yourself, the less self esteem you will have. One of the hardest things for me is to enter a room full of strangers, so no matter what terrors are going on inside me, I smile, shake hands, and then listen to what they say. If I can keep the subject on them, and forget about myself, I find something to talk about, which makes it easier.

Being bereaved also strips a person of confidence. If you lose your partner, and suddenly become alone, that is most soul destroying. When this happened to me, I found by focusing on other people, it took my mind off myself and my dilemma, and in time, it helped me to become confident again.

Some people are naturally confident, you always find them as the life and soul of a party Others are not, either through circumstances in their life, or just being born that way. I was born that way, and I fight all the time to develop my confidence. Writing has certainly helped me with it, and I hope reading this will encourage others who suffer in the same way.


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