Monday, December 18

Can Someone Explain Google Adsense ?

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I have read many articles on Wikinut about Google Adsense. Some of them explain how to increase traffic to your articles, some even complain about it, as it seems if you click on your article you can be barred.

Thank goodness that Wikinut removes the ads from our pages, as I also write for Bukisa, and sometimes copy my published articles from Wikinut to post on Bukisa. It would be so easy to accidentally click on an advert whilst doing this.

I have a Google Adsense account on Bukisa and Triond, my other writing site, but I don’t seem to be earning more than a few pence on either.

About me

In case you are wondering what I am getting at, I just want to explain about my computer knowledge, or lack of it. I must be the world’s worst computer dummy. for years I resisted having a computer, but then realised because I didn’t want to embrace new technology, I was getting left so far behind. So in 2005, we bought a computer.

I am self taught, so only know the basics, and when I joined my first writing site, Triond, I tried to employ a little commonsense, to enable me to produce articles. Likewise when i joined Wikinut and Bukisa, the same applied, but I still can’t upload pictures on Bukisa, and have only just learned how to embed a link on my Wikinut pages, thanks to a very patient moderator, thank you Mark.

Here are my Aspirations

On the computerOn the computer

I actually write for the love of it. it’s a very big part of who I am, and even if I was not paid, I would still do it. To join Google Adsense, I just clicked on a link, and filled a form in, otherwise I would not have been able to do it. I just leave the rest to others, because I have no idea how Adsense works, other than it is advertisments. No matter how many articles I read, or how often someone tries to explain it to me, I can’t see it.

I am not a stupid person, but dealing with new technology when you are a pensioner is very challenging. I would love to know how to embed a Youtube video, have tried several times, but the best I can manage is to post a link , which needs to be copied into your browser, and some people might not have the time to do that.

I will keep trying to master all these mysteries, but how I can earn with Google Adsense, I will never know, so I will have to rely on the powers that be.


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