Thursday, December 14

The Year of The Tablet at Ces 2011

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The 2011 Consumer Electronic Show also known as CES is finally here and all technology junkies around the world now have their eyes on Las Vegas. Everyone will be watching as each company unveils their individual gadgets to drooling on lookers. 
CES has been going on for many years and each years brings new cool gadgets that we all wish we all could have asked for Christmas. Unfortunately CES is after Christmas so we will all have to wait and save or over indulge on by ourselves and spend out money on these new cool gadgets. Before we get to this years CES 2011, lets take a look back in time to see what cool things have been announced at CES. In 1970 the Video Cassette Recorder also known as the VCR came out; 1975 we saw pong; 1988 came Tetris, and 1996 was the year of the Digital Versatile Disc ( yes that’s what the DVD was before we quickly truncated it). So we all the great thing sin the past that were first announced at CES what will CES 2011 be the year of?

CES will have everything, things you couldn’t even think of such as an iPhone blood pressure monitor . But between all these things that show up, there are trends at CES and I think this year is the year of the tablet. I don’t say this to say there will be no other big announcements at CES, there is no doubt about it that there will be lots of cellphone announcements. There is speculation that there will be a windows phone 7 update announcement at CES 2011 from Microsoft. Along with new windows 7 phones and many, new android phones along with Verizon 4g Android phones . 

Back to tablets now, they were tried once before but consumers were not ready for them. You may not remember but tablet computers were once a pretty big craze. If your memory is failing you think back to laptops in which the top screen swiveled around and folded back onto the keyboard and you have an old tablet in which you used a pen like stylus on the screen. There were cool but never really took, it was more of a gimmick on a laptop. How tablets were implemented and the technologies used at the time, were not yet ready for the tablets themselves. 

A few years down the road the iPhone and iPod touch have paved the way for touch screens and the ability to have 3g and 4g anyplace has really changed the game behind tablets. Even the Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Nobles Nook have changed the game for tablets to finally emerge. Of course we can not forget the iPad which suddenly made tablets the cool thing to have, like the iPod did for the mp3 player. If the iPad made tablets cool, Android is allowing them to be piped out by device manufacturers. 

So who is releasing tablets and what are they releasing at CES. The first is the ASUS Eee Slate which is set to be running windows 7. Whats great about this other then being a windows 7 tablet? Well it has up to 4 gigs of ram, meaning it can do some serious number crunching. As for the many Android Tablets we have the Lenovo LePad . The LePad is not new but, its moving from windows 7 to Android. Other new Android tablets are the LG Optimus , and the ASUS Eee Pad .


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