Monday, December 11

Amazon Mp3 Store; Itunes Alternative

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iTunes is the one music store everyone knows about. It pretty much has a monopoly on on the digital music industry. I am here today to tell you that there is an alternative for buying digital mp3’s that will work on any mp3 player including you iPods. This will especially helpful for us Linux user because iTunes does not work on Linux very well.
A great alternative music store to iTunes is, Amazon. Amazon a name name that most Internet users will recognize. Most people have probably even bought things from Amazon online before, since they are pretty one of the biggest most popular online retailers around. Most people also have heard of the Amazon Kindle for books, which is another reason why the name Amazon may sound familiar. 

What a lot of people do not know is that Amazon not only sells electronics, books, and kindles. Amazon also has a great digital store for digital goods. They sell on demand movies which are very convenient, but we are here to talk about music. The Amazon music store has all the latest Artists and their albums. Its an online store and does not require any downloaded software, because the store can be accessed in your browser which iTunes can not. There is an optional Amazon mp3 downloader which aids in downloading multiple songs at a time such as when purchasing albums. The mp3 downloader, although not needed is highly recommended and is a very small lightweight program, so it wont take up space on your computer. 

To use Amazon’s mp3 store. Navigate yourself to then proceed to “Digital Downloads” then “MP3 Downloads”. This is where the music store is located on Amazon. Prices in the Amazon mp3 store are on par and often times a few dollars cheaper than than what you will find on iTunes. I have never found any albums or songs more expensive on Amazon, when compared to iTunes. So if you are worried about pricing, then you do not have to worry when purchasing music from Amazon because they have great deals. 

If you buy an individual song ( usually . 99 cents) you can download it right from the browser straight to your desktop. If you buy an album and do not have Amazon mp3 downloader already installed Amazon will recommend you download it first, and I would also recommend that you take their advice. If you do not download the Amazon mp3 downloader you will have to download each song individually which will take for ever. If you download the Amazon m3 downloader it speeds up the process by, allowing you to download a simple small file which automatically opens in the downloader. The downloader will than download all your purchased music without you having to worry about it. Also if you still want to use iTunes as a music player and and not a store for music then the Amazon downloader can automatically add your music into iTunes for you!

Lastly all music bought and downloaded from Amazon is completely DRM free, meaning there are no restrictions on your files and you can enjoy them on all your own personal computers. The more you buy from Amazon the more they will learn your taste and even recommend music you may like. No worries if they recommend you to an artist you never heard before because all music has a playable preview built in to the online store. 

If you have never heard of Amazon mp3 store, go check it out, I promise you will not be disappointed with their large collection and great prices!


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