Wednesday, December 13

The Important Hair Essentials

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If you are wondering if you have the right tools necessary for great condition and fantastic looking hair then you need to take a peek at the hair essentials. A lot of women believe that they have everything that they need for their hair but in reality they may be lacking in a few things that can make the world of different.

One of the first things that you do need is hair brushes. There are different sizes and shapes of brushes that you can buy but two that you should always have is a “normal” hairbrush and also a round one which is perfect for adding shape and volume to the hair. A paddle brush is good for very thick hair and curly hair and no girl should be without a wide toothed comb to comb through wet hair without breaking it.

Grips, bands for putting the hair up and head bands for taking the hair away from the face are also important for various reasons and you should always have a supply of these along with wax or serum for glossy sleek hair or gel and hairspray for various styles and up do’s.

Shampoo and conditioner is always necessary for washing the hair but alongside these you should think about hot oil treatments for rehydrating and pampering the hair and also masks that you can buy for very little.

Hair straightening irons, a hairdryer and heated rollers or curling tongs are essential for both the poker straight look and also the curly look but you can curl your hair with the straightening irons if you do not want to pay out for tongs.


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