Monday, December 18

Simple Meditation Techniques For Beginners

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Meditation is in my opinion one of the most underused resources that humanity possesses. Perhaps it is because many people connect it in their mind with eastern mysticism and religion, or with what they think of as ‘new age mumbo jumbo’ that it is not taken as seriously as it perhaps should be and used by as many people who could benefit greatly from it.

Aside from any spiritual aspects there are many grea benefits. Of course there is stress relief that most people know about, but it can also improve your concentration power and improve your immune system so that you get ill less often and heal more quickly.

Here are a couple of very simple meditation techniques for beginners that you can try out for yourself:

  1. Find somewhere warm and quiet where you will not be disturbed. Wear loose comfortable clothing. Sit on a chair in an upright but relaxed position, with your hands resting on your knees – you don’t need to tie your legs up in knots on the floor to give meditation a try! Then when you are ready just close your eyes, gently focus your attentions on your breathing, and try to let go of any other thought which come into your mind.

  2. Begin as above, focus your attention onto your breathing, and then as you exhale imagine all of your tension, worries and negative emotions flowing out of your body as a black cloud with the air that you exhale. Then as you breath back in imagine yourself breathing back in pure white light which is a healing universal energy.

The most important thing when practicing either of these is not that you do brilliantly well at silencing your thoughts or vivdly imagining the white light, but that you are consistent and keep practicing regularly – preferably everday – and if you do that you will gain many benefits even if you do not feel like you are doing them especially well.


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