Friday, December 15

Traveling With Disabilties

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Traveling is a pleasure that should not be denied simply because you have some disabilities. You can see most of the world with a little planning and preparation.

First make a list of what you need for your hotel or temporary residence. Some of these items you can bring with you. Others such as oxygen or even wheel chairs can be ordered from a medical supply company and delivered to your residence on the day of arrival. Check the list of available hotels and see which ones have facilities for disabled people. Ask the hotel about the kind of bathtubs and showers available, elevators, first floor accommodations and how much walking is needed in the lobby. Many hotels have only one or two rooms that accommodate disabled persons. If you need to stay in this type of accommodation booking in advance becomes a must.

Don’t forget to consider air conditioning and heating if you have breathing problems. You also want to check the location of hospitals near the hotel. If you have a major problem you will know where you can go for help and this can give you piece of mind. It doesn’t hurt to call the local hospitals where you want to go and check if they take your health insurance. Travel insurance will often include a provision that will help you cover the costs of a sudden illness. Consider also what you might do if one of your prescriptions runs out. A hotel located near a drug store that your doctor can transfer a prescription to if needed can be a great help to a disabled traveler.

After your accommodations are settled, you will need to plan for the travel period. Look at all aspects of your travel. Don’t only include the flight; look at access to the airport, moving around in the airport, and getting to the hotel. Include in your travel plans how you plan to eat during the travel period and what types of bathroom facilities you will need available. Since you will be away from home, you may need to take more precautions to prevent embarrassing accidents. It is most helpful to have a change of clothes and a bag to hold soiled clothes along with you. Don’t forget to include some wipes for cleanup.

Lastly, make sure you take all of your prescriptions with you. These are easy to leave behind since you almost always have to pack them just before you leave. Many items if you forget them can be purchased after your arrival. Prescriptions however, can take quite a bit of time to replace, especially if you are traveling on a weekend.


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