Friday, December 15

How To Have Megan Foxx Hair

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Megan Foxx is the latest sexy lady to catch out eyes on the big screen. Men want to date her and girls want to be her and with her reportedly being the new edgy chick to take over from Angelina Jolie’s once rollercoaster type role, it pays to show attention to her style!

One thing that everyone seems to notice with regards to Megan Foxx is the fact that her hair is super glossy and super sleek. This is not down to a thousand and one styling products but more to do with really great conditioned hair and the best way to recreate this is to leave your hair without washing it for as long as you can to allow the follicles to produce enough of the oils to get it rejuvenated again. There are plenty of hair accessories that you can use to cover dirty or greasy hair so why not give it a go and get glossy hair like Megan?

Megan Foxx has naturally black hair so to have the perfect Megan look then ideally your hair should already be this color or at least a very dark brown. You can always dye your hair to get the perfect look. You will also notice that her hair is worn usually down and long, almost more than halfway down her back. With this length there are some long layers cut in to give the hair style a little bit of shape and this also makes the hairstyle a lot more manageable.


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