Friday, December 15

3 Mobile Broadband

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Among the many different network providers that are now distributing mobile broadband to the masses, 3 mobile broadband seems to be a company that stands out. Of course this just in my humble opinion but when you realise that there are quite a few options for you to try with this internet tariff, you realise that there is something to suit any internet user.

First of all, 3 mobile broadband offers so many types of dongle for using with your laptop or PC to get wireless broadband, there is bound to be one that suits your colour needs plus any other requirements that you may have. Aside from this however, there is a number of different contracts that you can sign up to, varying in inclusive usages from 1GB included in the price right up to 15GB. The one that you choose will need to reflect the amount of time you spend on the internet, the 15GB one will allow for up to 150 hours of internet time while the 1GB will only allow for 10, so this must be worked out in advance.

Secondary to the internet time that you want, there are various lengths of packages available ranging from 12 months to 24 months, although this is subject to change and frequently does with many broadband providers.

If you are looking for a slightly more flexible and cheaper option, there is a pay as you go tariff which you can utilise, meaning that you only use the internet when you top up, removing the risks of costly monthly bills.


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