Friday, December 15

How to Add Sharing to Your Website

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As the Internet is expanding and continuously new ideas emerging, a fantastic element has been created.

Nowadays, you can´t go by any website and avoid to see these new share buttons. Whether some are just big buttons others are very small with the little word “share” next to it.

It depends which works better for some design layouts, but basically its that feature you need to get your website´s traffic up.

You can get them by visiting or, (there are probably more if you google “sharing button”) by signing up and grabbing the code they offer you for free, paste it into your website´s code and voilá!

If you want, you also have the possibility to get analytics to observe the traffic it drives to your website. A very important tool to keep you updated from which geographic location visitors come from and how many new visitors versus returning visitors, etc. If you know how to write code you can also design your buttons the way you want to, to suite your page pefectly.

This tool will link your blog, e-commerce or any other type of site you have on all major social networking sites, like facebook, myspace, etc. or bookmarking sites, like misterwong.

As we thrive to find the perfect marketing strategies, this is a pretty strong tool because it can spread like a virus, thus called Viral Marketing. How do some youtube videos get so many hits? Because it is being shared over and over again.

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