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Cheap Almeria Vacations- Hotels, Flights And Car Hire in Almeria Spain.

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A Guide to Almeria:-  

Andalusiathe prominent  Autonomous Community of Spain ranks highest in population and second in area. Its rich heritage and lovely landscapes besides the warmth and the love of  the people made this part of the land a major tourist attraction of Europe. Almeria  is a coastal town in Andalusian community on the foot hills of a mountain range surrounded by beautiful villages thus blessed by the beauty of the mountains, sea coast and quite villages . 

 One of the rare feature of the Almeria villages is its unique cave homes dug into the  sand coloured cliffs . Alhabia, Gudor  Benahadux and Mojacar  are some of such villages.

A classic example of a combination of Gothic and Renaissance style architecture can be seen in the cathedral here .  True to the legacy of the well renowned  Belgian mining engineer, Louis Siret the museum at almeria  treasures various objects discovered by this engineer un paralled in the history of Spain.

The Arab fortress Alcazaba is situated here. One gets a panoramic view of the famous cave quarter.  The airport of Almeria is unique by its location . Situated at the  mouth  of the Mediterranean Sea  its runways are parallel to the coastline a rare and beautiful view indeed.

Almeriais considered to be one of the few destinations that has preserved its rich moorish heritage. The city  provides an ideal blend of ancient cultural heritage and splendid modern  beaches.Many Budget and luxury hotels are available in Almeria and if you book your rooms and flights in advance you save much on these heads.June to Septmeber is the best season to visit this historical town.

Almeria airport contributes to the growth of the tourism industry in the province . Around 8 kilo meteres away from the town it is one of the well connected airports of the peninsula and ranks 17th in the country. Taxis are available at the airport and there are two car parks for the convenience of the traveller. One can look forward for a cheaper Car  hire should one intend to have a cosy and enjoyable trip. Like any other airports of Spain Bus services are available from morning 7 to the last service at 22.08 night.


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