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How To Operate A Mexican Bathroom

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Who would think one would need directions on using a Mexican bathroom but it definitely helps if you know the process.  

Taking a shower in Mexico

In Mexico, the water usually comes from a holding tank on the roof so you may get hot water (warmed by the sun) but then loose it shortly afterward.  The water still has to go through a gas or electric warming process and this may take up to 10 minutes. 

The shower will have the usual 2 taps and sometimes 4 taps.  If it has 3 taps the one in the middle is the shower tap.  Turn it on and let it run for 10 minutes.  If the water is still cold, adjust the left tap for hot and cold tap for cold.

There may be another tap lower down.  This is great for washing feet but is designed for filling wash buckets.

Using The Toilet In Mexico

The sanitation system in Mexico is quite different from the rest of North America.  They don’t have great sewage treatment plants yet.  As a result no toilet paper should be put into the toilet but can be placed in the receptacle next to the toilet.  This is especially important at the beach resorts….yes, even the 5 star ones!

You may want to bring your own towel, facecloth, and favourite bar soap with you for your stay and use of the Mexican bathroom.

If you are out in the community, the bathroom is  called “el bano” in restaurants and “sanitarios” in the local marketplace or shopping centre.  Don’t be surprised if you are charged 3 to 5 pesos at the marketplace ones.  For your money you will get a couple of good sized pieces of toilet paper.  One is for your business and the other is for drying your hands after finishing.  Having someone on the door makes the washroom safe and keeps the bathroom clean.  It doesn’t ensure a toilet seat though!


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