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Best Used Cars For Your Budget, How to Find The Best Used Car From Consumer Reports:-

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Best used Cars For Your Budget,  How to Find  the Best Used Car from Consumer Reports:-

Consumer reportsis the popular American magazine being published by a non profit voluntary organization called Consumers union. The organization was founded in 1936 by Arthur Kallet and Colston warne as a result of the dissatisfaction on the functioning of the then consumer research organization. Today the magazine that is also available on line as claims to have more than four million subscribers the world over especially in the USA. The organization has an annual budget of 21 million dollars for testing. Whether you need to buy a used Toyota 4 runner or a used Nissan Path finder the consumer can provide you the most reliable information.

Consumer reports conduct the test and survey quite independently and they do not accept any free samples or advertisements from the manufactures to avoid any preferential treatment and the subscription to the magazine by the consumers is the only source for their funding of the test. Consumer has the maximum paid subscribers than any other web based publication. The publication that was available for a nominal fee was offered a free site for the visitors by name   consumer reports web watch from 2002. The organization tests all the products by retail purchase and also gets the feed back from the consumers. The standard prescribed by the organization is the best in the industry and includes mileage, safety, accessories, durability, and ruggedness comparable with similar products. It also gets the feed back from the consumers in determining the standard and quality.

We discuss below some of the best rated used cars. These have the maximum demands and better rating among its contemporaries. The suggested price for used cars could be found in the Kelley’s Blue book for the Zip code of your city..

1-Acura MDX

The Acura MDX known as Honda MDX in Japan and Australia is a medium sized SUV produced by the Acura the Japanese automaker since the year 2001. It replaced the sluggish moving SLX. The vehicle competes with Lexus RX. BMWRDX Hummer H3 etc and have an edge over these vehicles in consumer feed back. The vehicle has a fuel economy of 17 to 23 miles per gallon. The cargo floor can flip up to provide 2 additional seats. The vehicle is designed to accommodate 7 passengers.

2-Honda CR-V

One of the best voted vehicles in the SUV category in the consumer reports is the Honda CR-V. The vehicle manufactured by the automaker Honda in response to the need for a sport utility vehicle from Honda. The vehicle is available in all wheel drive and front wheel drive. The all wheel drive model is largely sold in Europe due to demand for higher specifications .Due to its fuel efficiency and sturdy look and better accessories the vehicle is popular among its contemporaries.

3-Infiniti QX4

The rebadged Nissan Pathfinders was introduced in the market as the Infint QX4 in the year 1997 . The vehicle is a mid sized SUV and the maiden entry of Infinit’s to the SUVs. The difference between the path finders and the infinite was its four wheel drive system , a better interior,and better styling. The low range four wheel drive system and the 8.3 inches of ground clearence makes this luxury SUV effective even in off road.

Major differences between these vehicles and the Pathfinder include a more advanced four wheel drive system, a more upscale interior, and unique styling. Although it is a luxury vehicle, it is quite capable off-road due to its low range four wheel drive system and 8.3 inches of ground clearance. The updated infinite in 2001 got a better engine with an increased 240 hp compared to its 168 hp in the earlier version. This new version also had better interior as well as exterior.

4.The Toyota Harrier / the Lexus Rx300/330:-

The Toyota harrier is a mid sized crossover SUV by the Toyota corporationandthe first of its kind in North America.The vehicle is sold as the Lexus Rx series 300,330 and 350.and was introduced in 1997 in Japan and in 1998 in North America.The vehicle was a model for other crossover SUVs and is the best selling model of Lexus.

5-The Nissan Pathfinder:-

The Nissan Pathfinder a mid size SUV introduced in Nort America in the year 1986 was known in other name called Terrano.It comes in 2 different body styles the first in 2 door style in 1989 and a four door style in 1990.The V6 model in 1990 got an upgrade from the throttle body injection system to multi poinyt fuel injection system.The known as VG30E had 153hp and 180lb/ft torque. The used Nissan Path finder is a choice by many due to these inherent qualities.

6The Subaru forester:-

The Subaru forester is a compact crossover SUV introduced in the market since 1998 by the japanese automaker Subaru.It is a four wheel drive vehicle and has the features of a SUV like sufficient cargo area and ground clearence than the other models of the same company. The vehicle is marketed in India as chevrolet. The popularity of this vehicle can be aseessed from the fact that the forester was the best smallSUV for the year 2004 to 2006 consequtively as per the survey of the Car and Driver magazine.In 2006 the turbo charged engine of the forester XT was awarded International engine of the year . the same engine is used in subrau impreza WRX and Saab9-rx.

7-The toyota4runner:-

The  toyota 4 runner is being marketed in USA , Canada and Mexico is manufactired by the japanese automaker Toyota . The vehicleis a SUV and has undergone many changes since 1984. following the first generation  of the vehicle between 1984 and 89 the second and genetration followed between 1989-95 and 1996and 2002. The4 fourth generation is the present that is introduced since 2003. The used Toyota 4 runner is a wise pick up in the SUV segment.

8-The Toyota Highlander:-

The vehicle known as the Kluger in Japan is a crossiver SUV assemnled by the Toyota Motor corporation.The first model introduced in 2001 targeted at the segment between RAV4 and the Tioyota 4runner.Today it is the best  selling SUV of the toyota company.

The original 3.0 L engine that was capable to proprel the car from 0 to 60 mph in about 8.8 seconds was replace d with 3.3L v6 engine that was able totake the reach from 0 to 60 within 7.8 seconds.the vehicle is available in 3 model viz. base, sport and limited models.

-The Toyota Land Cruiser:-

The toyota Land cruiser originally a utility vehicle and presently available as SUVs is a series of four wheel drive automobiles produced by the Toyota Motor corporation. The vehicle is highly successful  the world over  in areas which demands  durability, ruggdness, and off road performance. The vehicle introduced as a competitor to its contemporories like Land Rover and the Jeep could eliminate other all wheel drive vehicles I the market which is why it is most popular among the consumers.

If you have plans to buy a used car whether it is used  Toyota 4 runner or a Nissan Path finder or an Infinite QX4 the consumer would be able to give you valuable inputs in making your decision. It is dependable reliable and unbiased and is also available on your desktop on the click of a mouse.


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