Monday, December 18

What is Mobile Broadband?

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What is mobile broadband?

If, like me you are utterly hopeless with regards to the latest technology then you may be looking for a fool proof guide to all that is mobile broadband. The most basic way in which I can explain the concept is to say that it is a type of completely wireless internet without the need for a landline, wires, cables or anything else like that.

The wireless internet that you have will be a high speed internet connection normally by way of a USB dongle or other similar device and this can be used, primarily for laptops but can also be used with Mac and Pc’s as well.

Mobile broadband is available from many mobile phone network providers such as T-Mobile and Vodafone and the coverage that you will receive from the provider will be good enough to compare it to the broadband that you would get at home with a landline. By coverage, I mean the places in which you can use the internet wirelessly without any connection failures or similar events.

Mobile broadband allows more flexibility to those who regularly use the internet and wish to use it in places other than their place of work or home. In my opinion, this allows for more productive time keeping – leaving no need to spend more time in the office when you can complete work on the train on the way home from work!


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