Tuesday, December 12

Weight Loss Hypnosis Offers The Same Results As Gastric Band Operations

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How Can I Lose Weight is a question millions of people ask themselves each month with many of them turning to Gastric Bypass Surgeons for help. But what if these people who ask themselves How Can I Lose Weight got turned down by the NHS for the Gastric Band Operation, what could they do to lose weight and who could they turn to. Well according to research and leading Weight Loss experts, Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss or Hypno Gastric Band as it is sometimes known does achieve the same results as Gastric Bypass Operations. Gastric Bypass has become a wonderful tool for Obese People and for people who need to lose weight but at a price of £8,500 the operation has been seen as an expensive way to lose weight. Weight Loss Hypnotherapy, which has become a very well known tool in the world of losing weight, can offer the same results as Gastric Bypass, which is also known as Gastric Band Surgery.

The major differences between Gastric Band Operations and Weight Loss Hypnotherapy is the price, you will not be spending £8,500 to have Weight Loss Hypnotherapy. Also with Weight Loss Hypnosis you do not need to have an operation and would not be spending any time in hospital.

Instead of having surgery, Weight Loss Hypnosis retrains the mind on your eating habits for you to lose weight. It uses the subconscious mind to control your appetite and change your eating habits.

Unlike Gastric Band Operations, there are no side affects when you use Weight Loss Hypnosis to lose weight and there are no complications that can results from the surgical operation.

A leading expert in Weight Loss Hypnotherapy, called Claire Hegarty who has brought out a new technique called Tranceband that combines NLP, Weight Loss Hypnotherapy, Food Education and Time Line Therapy to help people to lose weight said:

“Hypnotherapy is a powerful technique, it allows the well trained expert in Weight Loss Hypnosis to retrain the mind and change the habits that you once had. It will allow the person to change the way they eat and allow them to only eat when they need to instead of eating when they are unhappy.”

Celebrities who do not wish to spend time in hospital and do not wish to have an operation that can cause problems are now turning to Weight Loss Hypnosis to help them to lose weight.

The Weight Loss Hypnosis technique is becoming so popular; sections of the NHS are now considering using it and some doctors surgeries are already looking into using the technique to help their patients to lose weight.

Claire Hegarty who offers six months of support to people who have Weight Loss Hypnotherapy explained: “Weight Loss Hypnotherapy allows the person who is scared of operations and hospitals to have the technique done in the comfort of a relaxed environment while at the same time giving them the same results as a Gastric Band Operation.”

Some supporters of the NHS who feel the NHS are wasting money on Gastric Band Operations have called for the NHS to start using Weight Loss Hypnotherapy which would allow them to treat more patients for the same cost as one single operation.

At the present moment people are being turned away from having a Gastric Band Operation on the NHS because they do not fit the requirements, which has caused anger amongst people who want to lose weight.


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