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Weight Loss Expert Reveals Secret To Weight Loss

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The Hypnotherapy expert is so convinced of her services that she also issues a guarantee to all of her clients, which is unheard of in the Hypnotherapy world.

“My weight loss system works” says Claire Hegarty who is a leading Weight Loss Hypnotherapy expert. “I help people from all over the country lose weight with my combined Hypnotherapy techniques, even people who have struggled for years or who have no will power will lose weight.”
According to Claire Hegarty who also has her own Health radio show, people who struggle to lose weight will lose pounds after pounds by using Weight Loss Hypnotherapy.
Weight Loss Hypnotherapy and Gastric Band surgery have become more and more common recently as people struggle with their weight. Celebrities are now turning to Weight Loss Hypnotherapy and Gastric Band operations to help them become their ideal weight more quickly and more easily than diets can offer them.

When the client first meets Claire, the hypnotherapist first assists them in being in the right place both mentally and emotionally, assisting them in removing any unwanted habits, addictions, emotions, behaviors and any unhealthy relationships they may have with food. Claire looks at whether the client is eating through stress, boredom, and punishment or over indulgence, low self esteem, low confidence or perceived lack of control before taking them on the road to their goal of becoming their ideal weight.

Claire assists the person in learning how they can use hypnosis to increase and decrease the size of their stomach meaning a person eats until they are nicely full, they get full more quickly and are in control of how much food they eat rather than the food controlling them. They can still go out for meals, eat starters and enjoy their food, as a person is happy, confidence and eating the right food for them for the right reasons

This new approach has proven to be such a huge success that Claire has clients coming from all over the UK who have tried for years to lose weight with traditional diets but have failed and are worried about going through a medical procedure of having a Gastric Band fitted as well as the cost of having an operation if they went private.

Celebrities such as Sharon Osbourne and Fearne Britton have undergone potential dangerous operations to have real gastric bands fitted but although Sharon and Fearne did not receive any complications, the surgical procedure can lead to complications such as causing discomfort with patients and has unfortunately claimed the lives of Gastric band patients including the life of Bernadette Reid, Suzanne Murphy 29, and Marilyn Wardrop 54, to name a few and one life loss to an invasive procedure is one life to many.

 There is a range of post-operative problems reported with gastric bands, and over 80% of patients will experience one or more of the following symptoms:

 Nausea and vomiting (50%)

 Reflux or regurgitation of food (35%)

 Slipped band (25%)

 Obstruction or blockage (15%)



 Difficulty swallowing

 If these complications cause you serious discomfort your band may need to be adjusted or removed. This involves further surgery, exposing you to all the associated risks once again. 

By having Virtual Gastric Band fitted it allows the patient not to undergo a surgical procedure and most importantly it is 100% safe without any risk.

Claire Hegarty said: “Any operation has an element of risk with some being more risky than others but with people who wish to lose weight and who have failed with diets, Virtual Gastric band Hypnotherapy has no risk associated to it. The patient is not having to go into hospital and they are not having to have an operation which makes the procedure of Hypnotherapy to lose weight 100% safe.”

It is not only the Virtual gastric Band procedure Claire provides her clients with. It is important that her clients understand about their relationship with food, there is no point in having a Virtual Gastric Band fitted or even a real Gastric Band fitted if the client does not understand about their relationship with food. Once they have had the Virtual gastric Band fitted, Claire then works with the client to understand their relationship with food and helps them lead a healthier lifestyle.


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