Tuesday, December 12

Fall Protection Equipment: Holding The Amount of Fall Injuries And Death Low

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In a study conducted by the US Department of Labor, it was discovered that the leading trigger of fatalities among workers within the construction industry was falls. In a year, much more than 100,000 individuals are damaged from falls in construction sites. With such a big number, you can’t afford to take opportunities when you’re working from high elevations. And so before you even set out for the rooftop, ensure you’ve got fall protection systems.

Fall protection methods consist of a number of fall protection equipment ranging from snug harnesses to full body harnesses, from safety nets around construction locations to guard rails on scaffolding and edges of structures. Whilst it could do you good should you have one of the fall protection equipment when you’re working at elevated areas, you will do much more within the way of preventing falls from happening in case you make use of all the equipment.

It can be pretty complex maintaining safety in the work place but it will save you a world of trouble should you do them. Firstly, you have to make sure that equipment and tools are kept safely away. They should not obstruct your worker’s walking surface. If your employees need to stand on an elevated position, supply for the correct scaffolding. Piled up materials doesn’t make great scaffolding and it doesn’t make excellent fall protection systems either. Keep in mind with scaffolding and walking surfaces, its very best if they have guard rails on them.

As for fall protection equipment like snug harnesses, these will be equipment that will maintain your workers from falling no matter where they’re on the rooftop or the construction location. Just in case they take a misstep and slip or trip, they will have a harness to shield them from the fall. Even falls from the lowest elevations could be hazardous. You ensure your worker’s safety despite the elevation if they use full body harnesses and snug harnesses.

Prevention is the method it is possible to complete safety and security for your workers. Straightforward fall protection equipment that isn’t really costly will keep your workers from hurting themselves or killing themselves in case of a fall.


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