Monday, December 11

Kids Who Eat Junk Food May Become Dumb When They Grow Up

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Last Monday, February 7, the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, Northstone’s team, published a story online regarding the effect of children’s diet to the development of their intelligence.

According to their study, children whose diet consisted of fatty, sugary, and processed food at age 3 had a lower IQ at 8.5 years as opposed those whose diet was healthy.

This result was derived from data gathered from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children, where the children’s parents were asked questions regarding their children’s diet at age 3, 4,7, and 8.5 years.

They have noticed that it is crucial to give children a healthy diet at the age of 3, since diet at ages 4 and 7 does not seem to have effect on their IQ.

You do not really have to be an expert to know that children need nutrients to grow properly and reach their full potential. Even as kids, our teachers have taught us the importance of eating vegetables and fruits to grow big and strong, but this lecture should not be just for schoolchildren. Parents should be made aware of the importance of giving their children a proper and healthy diet, especially during the early ages until age 3.

For busy parents, it may be easy to give children fast, instant or junk food, but remember that you are putting your children’s health and future at risk. If they end up below average in class — now you know who to blame.

If you are among the thousands of parents who are still confused of what they should feed their toddlers, the United States Department of Agriculture has come up with a very helpful diet plan that would keep your children healthy, active, and smart.

To read more about the study read it from an article from Healthday


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