Monday, December 18

Toyota Car in India – Know More About Them

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Toyota car in India is no more a rare scene and from high-end luxury cars like Toyota Corolla Altis, to the immensely powerful and heavy SUV Toyota Fortuner to the Toyota Innova you can see them all running on Indian streets, the Indian customers have accepted all the Toyota car in India open heartedly, this is why the company is working on launching some new Toyota car in India as per the desire of the consumers. Toyota is a prominent name in the global automotive world, and has a global identity and is considered one of the most bankable brands in the market, and hence it became popular among the Indian customers pretty easily.

The current product portfolio for Toyota car in India features around seven vehicles including Toyota Innova, Corolla Altis, Camry, Land cruiser Prado, Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Land cruiser 200 and the hybrid Toyota Prius. All these vehicles have their own fan base, and while the Toyota Innova is largely popular among the families who like traveling together, the high end luxury crossover Fortuner is immensely popular among the SUV fans.

The best thing about the entire Toyota car in India is that they are performing exceedingly well, and have a certain extent of longevity, which is always on the mind of the Indian customers. Toyota Camry, Toyota Innova and Toyota Corolla are the most selling models of Toyota, but the Toyota Fortuner has also carved its niche in the Indian market and now has become a favorite of the SUV lovers in India. Superb ride quality, immense feature set, ample space and luxury are the highlights of these Toyota models and this is what has gave them such huge success in Indian market. Toyota is planning to introduce some more models like the Toyota Avanza and Toyota Prius hybrid, are also expected to bring the same trademark Toyota quality and reliability for their targeted customers. While the Toyota Avanza will be targeting the families or for the people who wants spacious vehicle for their weekend picnic trips, the Toyota Prius will be luring the customers who are thinking of switching to hybrid vehicles or who care about the environment.

Seeing the increasing prominence of Toyotacar in India, many other auto majors have also entered the Indian markets, and have given the Indian audiences a much wider spectrum of cars to choose from. To add to it there is the immensely growing economy of India, which now allows the customers to reach for the higher ends of automobile segment and shop for luxury cars and SUV, rather than sticking to affordable sedans. So which Toyotacar in India are you planning to buy?


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