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All You Need To Know About Safe Work Method Statement

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Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) or even called work method statements is strictly adhered standards regarding on how to safely perform a work related task, such as operating work equipments where hazards may be related. It explains in detail how specific hazards in the place of work will be handled. In simple way to defining it, Safe Work Method Statement is a pre-defined safety operating process and job safety analysis before beginning any operation that could be dangerous in nature.

The Safe Work Method Statement can be made after conducting a Job Safety Analysis (JSA). The JSA will check the components of every task, and recognizes the possible hazards and control measures for each component of the task. Apart from the actual task, JSA even check the individual performing the task. This person shall be observed by the individual conducting JSA to note how the person performs each task. Every hazard which may occur is noted and all reasonable risk control measures are put into place in response to correct the errors of operation. A full risk assessment shall be completed after all these.

 The information gathered out from the conducted JSA with corresponding action plans are then used to develop the Safe Work Method Statement, that employers must then utilize before a person performs any task. After stating all the methods of Safe Work Method Statement, its expected that all individuals have understood the risk involved before performing a particular task in conformity with the Safe Work Method Statement.
The Safe Work Method Statement should incorporate the following details:

Identification: The name, qualification and training undertaken of workers who will be performing the tasks.

Identification of work place: Name of equipments needed to complete the work, details of inspections that have been done or to be done in the workplace and equipments listed.

Work Description: Title description of each task to be done or carried out. The potential hazards related to a particular step of the task. The step-by-step sequence of completing each task. The safety measures to be taken for controlling the hazards. Precautions which have been be taken to protect health and safety. Identification of regulations and codes of people who are involved.

The Safe Work Method Statement is considered a legal document that companies and staff ought to regard as essential document for safety and smooth flow of work operation. And it is very vital that it is prepared with the organization’s logo and letterhead with the senior management’s signature of approval before delivering it the work floor.
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