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Creating a Valentine's Day Card

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There are a few reasons why people hand out Valentine’s Day cards. The majority of the people who hand out the cards do it as a way to celebrate the holiday. Families, friends, and relationship partners exchange them with gifts. Those who are throwing a Valentine’s Day party may use a card as an invitation to their loved ones. Some people may give a card to someone who has a birthday near Valentine’s Day.

There are plenty of Valentine’s Day cards sold in stores. The cards come in many styles and designs. If you are looking to hand out a card or two (or more), then you may enjoy making a Valentine’s Day card of your own. Creating your own card will allow you to add your own personal touch to it. You can decide on the look and feel of the card. Just start on your card and let your creative juices flow. Both children and adults will be able to take part in this craft. There are many people who have made a homemade card before, so making a Valentine’s Day card will probably come easy for them. If you have never made one, do not worry. It is not hard to make a homemade card at all.

It only takes a few steps and materials to make your own Valentine’s Day card. The materials can be found in various retail stores and online shopping websites at affordable prices. You can check stores that sell crafts, school supplies, and office supplies.

Here are the materials, directions, and a few tips for making a Valentine’s Day card. If there are any small children working on this craft, then they may need the help and supervision of a trusted adult.


Colorful Construction Paper.
Crayons or Colored Pencils.

Optional Materials For Decorating:

Valentine’s Day Stickers.
Valentine’s Day Craft Confetti.
Valentine’s Day Ink Stamps.


1. First you will need a piece of construction paper of any color. The suggested colors for a Valentine’s Day theme would be red, pink, or white.

2. Fold the construction paper in half horizontally or vertically. Make sure the corners evenly match up with each other. You can use a pencil or pen to crease the fold down the center of the paper if you need to.

3. Decorate the front of your card with a sweet message. Since it is for Valentine’s Day, you want to make sure your message is nice. The messages can include:

“Happy Valentine’s Day”

“I Love You”

“You’re Sweet”

“Be Mine”

“Friends Forever”

If you are throwing a Valentine’s Day party, you can use the card as an invitation. The messages for that would include “You’re Invited”, “Valentine’s Day Party”, and “Come Celebrate”.

You can also decorate the front with Valentine’s Day themed stickers, ink stamps, and craft confetti. Another option is to draw your own Valentine’s Day graphics onto the card. Here is a fun decorating idea. Write out your message in the center. Place one heart sticker in each corner. Use the ink stamp or glue a piece of craft confetti above, below, and on each side of the message.

If you use glue and craft confetti, use only a little and do not soak the front of the card in glue. Remember to give the glue some time to dry.

4. When you are done decorating the front and any glue that you have used has dry, you can work on the inside of the card. You can write a nice message or information to your Valentine’s Day party on one page, and then decorate the other page. When writing a nice message on the inside, you can tell the person you are giving the card to how much you love them and how special they are. Another fun idea would be to write a short poem! For example, you can write out:

“Roses are red.
Violet are blue.
Candy is sweet…
And so are you!”

If you are throwing a Valentine’s Day party and using the card as an invitation. Then be sure to include the information your guest will need. This includes the date, time, location, and phone number.

Decorate the card with Valentine’s Day graphics, stickers, ink stamps, and craft confetti. You can keep it simple with a few decorations in each corner or you could make a border around the pages. How you decorate will be up to you. Once again, do not soak the card in glue and give any glue used some time to dry.

5. Now you can decorate the back of the card. Since it is the back of the card, you can keep it simple if you would like. One example would be to place a heart sticker in the center. Under the sticker write “Happy Valentine’s Day” in small letters.

Making a Valentine’s Day card is not only easy and fun, but it will help you to save money on buying a card (or a set of cards) in the stores. You can make as many as you would like. Make one just for your Valentine’s Day sweetheart, or make a few to hand out to your family and friends! Card-making is a great projects for creating a homemade gift, passing the time, or as an activity during a Valentine’s Day party. Creating Valentine’s Day cards can be done at home, in school classrooms, or at child care centers. People love to make and receive homemade gifts and cards. Your loved ones will enjoy the card you have made them for this lovely holiday!

Be creative and have fun making a Valentine’s Day card or two for the people you love! Happy Valentine’s Day!


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