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Everything You Needed To Know About The Impact Of Obesity On Your Economic Scenario

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Being obese can cause real damage to your economic scenario. This is a well known fact.

Academic studies have shown several shocking things in this area. An associate professor of human ecology at Cornell University, John H. Cawley, conducted a research on the relationship between weight increase and wages. He found that a weight increase of 64 pounds above the average for Caucasian women was associated with 9% lower wages. That is huge.

Jay L. Zagorsky is an economist at Ohio State University. He is famous for saying, “Being obese has the ability to be dangerous to your economic prosperity.” He has studied the relationship between BMI (a measure of overweight and obesity) and numerous monetary factors, such as wages and overall accumulation of wealth. He utilized data from a sampling survey conducted over various years, the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. He found for every one-point increase in Body Mass Index, net worth dropped by $1000. According to the results of his study, the typical middle aged female earned $313.70 less per year for every one-point raise in Body Mass Index; the typical male earned $161.30 less for every one-point increase. If you don’t know your BMI you could find out utilizing the table at the end of this book.

Do you know what this means? This means that if your weight is more, then you will most probably earn less money. It also means if you weigh less you are likely to earn more.

How could this be? Certainly obese individuals are just as intelligent as thin individuals? Surely fat people are just as good at their jobs as thin individuals? Surely fat people are just as good at saving and investing as thin people? It is hard to argue with that.

So the only thing which is left is how other people see overweight people. In things like job performance it matters how other individuals (and the boss in particular) see us and the sad fact is that if we’re obese our performance is seen as less good. Our mistakes are seen as bigger. And the best way to change that perception is to change our weight.

We can criticize that the world is like this. We can complain that the world is like this and we can be angry that the world is like this, but it won’t do any good. The shocking news is that we can’t change the world, however the good news is we have the ability to change ourselves.
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