Thursday, December 14

Eat In an Environment Without Distractions

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If you want to lose weight, the environment you eat in is super important.

Imagine a woman called Angela. Angela gets up in the morning and before she even has breakfast she begins thinking about what she can have for dinner. She has a shower and she’s thinking about what she would have for dinner. She travels to work and on the way she is thinking about what she will have for dinner. She gets to work and sits at her desk. She is focused on her work, of course, but she is even thinking about what she can have for dinner.

Time passes and it’s lunchtime. She certainly, thinks about her lunch however all the time she is even thinking about what she would have for dinner. Then it’s the afternoon. She does some more work, but she’s also thinking about what she could have for dinner. Then she travels home. On the way home she is thinking about what she would have for dinner. She begins to get excited as she ponders the numerous scrumptious options that she has. Perhaps she stops at the shop on the way to buy all or part of what she is going to eat. Perhaps she has everything she already needs. Then she makes her dinner. While she is cooking, she smells the food – it smells delicious. Later on, at long last, the food is ready after a long day of waiting.

So Angela takes her food, puts in on her plate and sits down to eat. She switches the TV on, has a magazine open in front of her, and half-watching, half-reading, shovels the food into her mouth. What’s wrong with this picture? It is true that food is our fuel, but it is more than that. Every few years all of the cells in our body regenerate themselves. In fact, this happens so quickly that in 6 months time 98% of the cells that make up your body could be new cells which aren’t part of your body now.

Think about what that means.

That means that the food and drink you put in to your body in just the next 6 months would form 98% of your body! Its a known fact that we become what we eat. The food we eat is not just the fuel for our bodies, it offers the building blocks for our body as well.

Don’t you think that’s a significant enough process to deserve your undivided attention?

What you put in to your body matters. What food you eat and what drinks you drink – these things are extremely important, these deserve your attention. It isn’t possible to be aware while eating food if food is being consumed in an environment full of distractions. Thus while you are eating, EAT IN AN ENVIRONMENT WITHOUT DISTRACTIONS.

Do I mean that you shouldn’t eat in front of the TV? YES

Do I mean that you should not eat while reading (either on-screen, or a newspaper, magazine or a book)? YES
Do I mean that you shouldn’t eat in company? No, however you need to make sure your company knows you would be paying attention to your food. If they don’t let you do that, then you need to commence seriously considering serving notice on them as dining companions.

Does it mean that you should not listen to music? No, however it does mean that you don’t want to be head-banging to the latest Iron Maiden album while you’re consuming food at dinner time.
The first step in accomplishing weight loss is eating without distractions.  But if you want to learn loads of other great tips and techniques to help you achieve your weight loss goals then visit


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