Thursday, December 14

Eat Slowly To Lose Weight

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If you want to lose weight, then you can take a big step towards achieving your weight loss objectives by eating slowly.  That one simple change could make a massive difference.

If you eat too quickly, then you are more likely to over-eat since you will eat more before you realise you are full.  During a meal, it will take a few minutes for you to realise how full you are feeling.  If you’re consuming food quickly you could eat more during those few minutes.  If you are consuming food slowly, you’ll eat less.

If you consume food too quickly then you’re also more likely to eat more since you will not be in a position to focus on your body, or your food, while you’re eating.  Listening to your body is a great way of learning what foods you enjoy, and how much your body needs to eat.  But if you’re in a great rush to stuff more food into your mouth your body’s voice will be drowned out.  You won’t be able to hear what it’s trying to say.

And if you consume food too quickly it means you won’t be able to enjoy your food, since you’ll be in too much of a hurry to savour the taste.  One of the great pleasures of life is eating.  But in order to really enjoy eating we need to take the time to devote a bit of attention to it.  If you eat slowly, you give yourself the space to really savour every single mouthful.  If you eat quickly you don’t – it’s as simple as that.

So if you want to eat an amount that is right for your body, then you should consume food in a way that lets you eat the right amount – and the right food – for you then you need to start eating slowly. Eating in this way means that you can focus on your food. You can pay attention to your body while you eat, so you could enjoy consuming food since it deserves to be enjoyed.

So you know it is a good idea to eat leisurely, but you’re so used to eating quickly, and it’s hard to get rid of the habit – what could you do?  Well there are a couple of things you could do in order to make yourself consume food more slowly.

Initially, while you are eating, between every mouthful, make it a point to put your cutlery down, and waiting to swallow before you pick it up.  

One more thing you do is to have a glass of water on hand.  Then between mouthfuls, take a sip of the water after you have swallowed.  This could also help you slow down your eating.  And the water could help you feel fuller more quickly.
Thus if you are serious about accomplishing your weight loss objectives, then begin eating slowly.  And if you would like to get to know loads of other great tips and methods to achieve your weight loss goals, then check out


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