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Tips on Puppy Potty Training

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Puppy potty training is probably the very first issues that get into the minds of a new dog owner. They must be trained at an early age so that they can get used to the environment and surroundings easily. Puppies also need to know about what they’re permitted to do and what is not really appropriate, right from puppy-hood. Here are 5 easy puppy potty training tips you can use to train your puppy.

Tip 1 – Potty training is essential for puppies and all this is an important part of their training and obedience. You shouldn’t think about it as anything unclean or one thing that you do not want to get associated with. Never forget that getting a dog is actually a responsibility of a long time and you have to be actively associated with all the aspects related to it.

Tip 2 – Young dogs specially the extremely young ones have irregular bowel motions and don’t have a great deal of control over them. So it’s normal for them to make mistakes. You can know of the patterns puppies stick to and do accordingly.

Tip 3 – Puppies are habitual creatures, once they develop a behavior or a routine they’ll follow it automatically. This is a extremely important element of their behaviour you have to know and utilize it for your training including toilet training. Get them into a routine and you can make them stick to any kind of regimen.

Tip 4 – Scent plays an important part in training a puppy especially with potty training. You need to use their sense of smell to let them know exactly where they are expected to go for potty or urinate. There are many tricks which can be used to do the same.

Tip 5 – And finally don’t forget patience and persistence. You need to be patient while you are handling something such as puppy training. Never lose your temper even if your dog makes errors. Never punish them as its not a very good method of making them figure out.

These were a fraction of the tips that will assist you while starting up with training a puppy. To know exactly what that you can do to make your dog potty trained in no time you can click the links below.



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