Wednesday, December 13

Ticks on Dog

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                                                         TICK DOG

 Due to Tick dog is suffering from major disease. These are found in grassy vegetative area or in urban gardens from where they can get a host. They transmit disease to the pets like anaemia or paralysis. It has four stages of life-eggs, larvae, nymphs and adult.

Here are some tick dogs pictures which help us to locate its presence on dog.

Although tick likes to irritate human but still they prefer the dogs to be their host. There are different species of ticks present which attack on human or animal. Wood ticks dogs are highly troublesome for dogs. Their presence is found in the woods or field. When dog goes out in the field it clings to their body and make them host. The other types of ticks are Deer tick, Brown dog tick, Lone star tick and American dog tick.

Lone star tick usually prefers humans to be their host. But it does not mean that it cannot be found on other animals. Sometimes by lone star tick dog gets infested. This does not lead to Lyme disease. This lone star’s bites generally causes irritation and redness over skin. Dogs are not only get attacked by ticks but other animals are also suffer. Many times we found cat are also attacked by tick cat and they are also suffering from various disease.

With many tick disease dog can get infected like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Heartworm disease etc.

It is important for tick dog removal to eradicate it completely from dog’s body. There are several procedures to remove it from our pets. We need to remove it from our pet’s body with pair of tweezers. And after removing all of it from their head, they need to give a mild soap bath.

It is well said that “prevention is better than cure”. It applies very right here. It’s better to apply ticks prevention dogs product which is especially designed for dogs. Ticks on pet’s sscan also are avoided by keeping them away from the place where ticks are found.

So keep your pets away from ticks.



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