Friday, December 15

Iphone 5 Features

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The next generation IPhone is expected to have a number of new features. As always before the launch of any new Apple product there are rumors. The most reliable sources are Apple insiders, Apple’s parts suppliers, and often times Chinese case and accessories manufacturers have the inside scoop. Apple purposely uses different manufacturers so no one company can compromise Apple’s so secretive products.  Many of Apple’s innovative features have become known because of their recent patent purchases.

The feature of Near Field Communication is the same technology present is any Paypass credit card. Apple has recently taken a patent out for inserting this technology into an IPhone. This would mean that your IPhone would act as a phone, computer, and a digital wallet. What does this mean for your privacy and money security? Well recently thieves have been using electronics to detect the Near Field Communication of Paypass credit cards. They steal your Card number, and your name and you don’t even know that it happened. An added feature for the IPhone is a facial recognition security system. Just aim the camera at your face and then you are inside of your phone. This would replace or add to the passcode that protects your personal information. Apple has recently filed a patent for biometric security, meaning you can swipe your finger to access your phone instead of a passcode also.

Over the years of IPhone launches they have almost always included a memory upgrade from 4GB to 8GB to 16GB to 32GB. Maybe this year it will include 32GB as a standard memory and 64GB at a premium price. The IPhone is expected to keep the 199$ and 299$ price range. Much more affordable than the original 599$ and 499$. The IPhone is almost guaranteed a hardware upgrade including a new 8 megapixel camera from Sony, a 1.2GHZ processor with two cores, a new antenna meaning no more “death grip” dropped calls issue. There is speculation if there will be a larger 3.7inch screen versus the old 3.5 IPhone, and as always every time a new IPhone is released it comes with better battery life. Following the release date pattern Apple has followed for years the next IPhone is expected to launch in the summer.

But now with the new Verizon IPhone coming out soon what will happen, will the IPhone go to Sprint, ATT, Verizon, or all networks. ATT claims that its 4G network will be in a test phase over the summer. Sprint and Verizon’s 4G is already running. This will probably mean that the next IPhone will include 4G capabilities ding upon whether the IPhone goes to ATT or Verizon might decide the fate of the next IPhone’s 3g or 4g capabilities. With the possibility of the next IPhone having 4G will this mean that Facetime might be used over 4G or even 3G. The IPhone will still have people in tents waiting outside of stores, but will ATT customers stay loyal or will they transfer to better costs and better coverage at Verizon. We will just have to wait and see.


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