Sunday, December 17

Hagimit: A Piece of The Paradise's Lost Puzzle

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A place where infinite beauty and nature rolled out into one, The Island Garden City of Samal is the very place to be. It is gifted with many pristine types of scenery such as the bat caves, waterfalls, historical landmarks, and their pride of blue waters and white sandy beaches, it is a true paradise here on earth and beyond. And along with wide and unique variety of resorts to choose from, an earthly paradise that entices the island’s visitors, and a heart-warming welcome from the islanders themselves, Samal is the very heart of Davao Gulf.

But what makes Samal the finest? What else, it’s there ever idyllic Hagimit Waterfall located at Brgy Cawag, Samal District which has hypnotized tourists to just take a day off and take a bath at lost Eden’s falls. It has five exceptional cascades and a number of small pools that is surrounded by unique rock formations and lushly green forests that will make your heart throb with ecstasy and tranquility at the same time.

But before you could experience its magnificent aura, tourist and visitors will experience first an agonizing but endurable hiking from the highway to the entrance gate and into the staircase up to the main stream, or down to the series of rivers to the end. An experience where you can say, “There is no gain without pain,” but only with much worth in the end when you bathed at Hagimit’s pools and dive to a series of small waterfalls. It is a feeling of swimming in a pool in the midst of the forest, as it is called, ang Kaliguan sa Lasang.

And as to our convenience, the city government of Samal has now implemented some extensive repackaging in the area, with more flowering plants and trees along the vicinity and cottages as well. In the near future, they will be authorizing reflexologists to operate spas by the river in order to lure more tourists into the area. (Cit. SunStar) But still there is a strict ban of putting large infrastructures in the area as well as in the locale, just to maintain its natural paradise-like atmosphere and by all means protecting the tropical forest itself.

So what now? Lavish yourself with Samal’s pride as they take you on a one heck of an adventure and relaxation that will surely cater your audacious desires. Put Samal in your list this summer, and experience paradise here on earth. Tell your friends, one of Eden’s falls has already been found.


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