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Why Write For Bukisa– With All The Changes?

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Writing for Bukisa is rather easy, the general idea is that you write a 250 word article which you then publish and from there you buld up links to that site, and over time with enough traffic you will make money with Google AdSense or the other affilite programs you decide to publish with.  This is the way to make money online here.

There are few myths to clear up about making money with Bukisa: 

1) You make money with affiliate programs such as Google AdSense or the alternative Chickita. these do make money, but writing is a part of how you make money with them.m In other words your content, is what produces the ads you get on your Article or how to stub.  This is important to remeber since this means that the more articles you have teh more likely you will find a way to make money, as long as your content is good match for the ads.

2) You used to get paid by impressions, but no longer.  As it was explained in the Bukisa blog, when 30% of impressions were invalid in a day, something was going wrong.  The other comparable site is Wikinut which still allows you to profit with impressions, but the pay is less.

So, if this is the case, why write for Bukisa?

To put it bluntly, it is one of the easier places to write.  For example, you can write on say Squidoo or Hubpages, and see some success, but you will also need to learn about Google AdSense, Amazon, and eBay along with design and SEO, keywords and link building to see the money.  If you have had success with Bukisa, then you can continue that.  You might be asking well, I haven’t had success with AdSense, or any other affiliate program, but you aren’t thinking about what you can do. (believe me, you can do a lot!)

If you think about what you look for on the Internet, you will find that you will have success with Bukisa.  Simply put when you are doing searches you, and possibly thousands others are doing the same thing.  Write a four hundred word article with that search term in it. There you can be found on the search engines, and you can go and work with the social networking sites.

In other words, you know already how to make money with Bukisa, and what this means is to keep on writing and most importantly, increase traffic and then you can build up your earnings with Google AdSense.  You use your article directories to your advantage.

Anyone can write, and anyone can write on Bukisa.  Writing is something that most people can do on Bukisa. 250 words is about the length of a blog post, and adding few links is a great way to increase traffic. Knowing this, it gives you a plan and an idea as to how to make money.  The point is that since most people wan tot amke money fast, having taht Bukisa index was a great way to make money.  However, as they have stated, there was a lot of fraud, and some where trying to “cheat the system” unfortunately, many people lost this paid by impressions and lost a lot in the process.

If you want to write to get traffic to your work, Bukisa is still a great way to do this.  So, why write for Bukisa?

It’s fun simple and quick, and a good place to learn.  Howveer it has become more of a bigger bsuiness than what most people want, at the same time, the only difference is how payments are made. 


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