Tuesday, December 12

People With Pets Have an Edge on Survival…

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Pet owners prosper from pets whether they have fins, feathers, or four feet.  Pets get people a edge on survival.

Stroking and petting your animal causes relaxation response people have been known to shower their pets with sweet talk, this is also relaxing for you too, but you pet enjoys it to, in fact, people engaged in greeting and getting friendly with their pets, this has been known to lower blood pressure.

Why does this happen, pets are viewed differently, less threatening or judgmental than people, this makes animals more relaxing and better company than most humans we know.

Have you ever wondered what people get out of a fish tank or watching fish?  This kind of environment can have a calming effect, and helps to relax with positive effect.

Pets shift people’s attention from the negative in your life, giving you a break from stress, and they help us smile. 
This helps you put a better perspective on life and helps you cope with everyday life.

Actually, smiling and laughing are good for you, any response to your animal will lift your spirits, but importantly it has been known to boost your immunity and chase away sickness.

Animals can be useful in the treatment of depression and other emotional issues.  Pets offer love no matter what, they don’t care if you’re sad, happy, ugly, or beautiful, old or young.  They don’t criticize you or try to change you, most of all they loved to be loved, petted, and held.  When you and your pet spent time together it offers a simple outlet for the emotions that are pent up inside of you to be released.

So to put it simply a pet can provide, love, with unqualified approval, this is particularly good for children, the elderly and the lonely, animals satisfy your emotional needs.

For Children it helps release tensions of home, and school.  For the Elderly they can benefit a lot from animals, as well.

Affection from a pet helps the people in their life, with a new meaning.  To care for an animal gives a new life to everyone that the animal comes in contact with. 

Care rendered to living things makes you feel needed, and wanted.  The constancy of pets in our life helps counter life changes.

So Pets give us an edge on survival…  



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