Monday, December 18

Zoo: Right or Wrong?

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          From many points of view, a zoo is considered as a good invention. As for the protection and care of animals as for the education of people, having the possibility to discover alive animals from any part of the world. But if we stop for a moment and think objectively about the basic principe, which consists in cutting animals away from their roots and put them behind  fence or glass, suddenly something doesn’t seem right.

Of course one of the main idea is to protect species and fight the extinction, this situation being today quite dramatic.  And yet, somehow it doesn’t seem that zoos are being efficient enough since the problem of desappearing species is increasing. Nature reserves make much more sens, animals having a normal and suitable environment, but it is then still a wild space; much harder to make from it the familial sunday outing.  Would zoos be mostly the result of society’s greed and selfishness? Unfortunatly some days it seems to be the right answer. It becomes an attraction, a display of living beings unable to do anything about it, a fake good deed, a business. Of course its a as well a sign of society’s evolution, to have the possibility today to discover things from any part of the world in one single city, to know what exists in our world, and probably a walk in a zoo can awake in many hearts love for nature. But, once the first amazement is over, who could not agree that to see a cheetah walking around in some square meters is ridiculous and painful. One might say it is better for the animal to be closed and safe than killed by hunters and it would unfortunatly be right as well. But what a pity that an animal should be captured to escape a pointless death.There is in people a very dangerous lack of respect for the world. As if humans would have the naive conviction to possess the power and ability to live without nature, or at least the conviction that somehow it would hold on forever, as it did until today. What a dreadful mistake…


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