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Make Six Pack

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Tips for Six Pack,  people   want to have good physical, whether male or female. And the public become number one is the body of the middle of the abdomen.

Whether you are a woman who just wants to be flat and toned stomach or you’re a man who wants to remove the pillow your stomach and abdomen formed of six boxes, it all means we make our stomach better, healthier and more attractive.

Many are starting to form his stomach in the wrong way. Often people work hard to form his stomach but does not work properly to form the stomach it.

To speed up you understand, this is 6 quick tips for you to understand how to form a flat stomach and toned.

1. Understand your stomach problems

2. Clean Eating

3. Increase Fish Oil supplementation

4. Do not drink your calories

5. practice in a metabolic, not aerobic

6. Use exercise Athletics

1. Understand your stomach problems

Note that your belly looks great not because of your muscles, but because of their fat. Therefore, proper exercise is an exercise that burns fat. Not the exercises that train the muscles (not that should not train your abdominal muscles loh).

Many people go to the gym 3-4 times a week or even every day with the assumption that the longer in the gym will remove more fat.

In addition, hundreds of crunches do not get rid of your stomach fat because crunches useful to train your abdominal muscles, not to eliminate fat.

Exercises that could eliminate the fat is with cardio exercise such as jogging, sprinting or lifting weights that use a lot of stamina, such as Circuit Training.

In addition, outside the gym, diet also is affecting you.

2. Eat Clean

Maybe this is a little unpleasant, but this sentence is true “You can not eat what you want and at the same time get the body you want”.

A lot of good food that we are dealing with excessive calories.

Some may argue, “I eat well and fat, but then would not eat all day diet.” Remember, when you do not eat then your metabolism will decrease and eventually will be a little fat burning. Then if you still continue then you can get sick. And actually you will be thin not because of not eating, but because of illness.

It’s clean and the food guide can help you reduce fat:

• Eat clean protein such as skinless chicken breast, lean beef, egg white and milk whey isolate.

• Eating omega-3 eggs

• Reduce or eliminate consumption of cow’s milk

• Eat more vegetables. Eaten raw or briefly cooked.

• Eat fruit, but not too much. 1-2 servings a day maximum because the fruit sugar content is still there

• Do not eat fat. Especially when you eat satay, ask the meat only.

• But do not be afraid of healthy fats such as salmon or peanut oil.

3. Increase Fish Oil supplementation

If you do not eat them, try it. Fish oil is very good in omega 3. in fact, when you consume omega 3, the insulin production will be affected so that the reduced accumulation of fat and more fat your body is burned.

4. Do not drink your calories

It is very important. Calorie drinks consumed very easily and without conscious you’ve entered a lot of sugar in your body. Many people felt it was on a strict diet but forget the beverages they drink every day.

Some drinks that carry a load of sugar are:

• Soft drinks / soda

• Fruit juices (fruit itself may be healthy, but a mixture of sugar was wow!)

• pure cow milk

• Various drinks that use milk products like ice cream, sundaes.

Some drinks are recommended are:

• White Water

• White Water

• White Water Again

• Ok green tea is also good, with no sugar of course

5. Practicing In Metabolic, not by Aerobic!

Remember our initial goal is to get rid of fat. Therefore you have to do is training that increase your metabolism and this can be achieved by doing higher intensity exercises like circuit training, sprinting (run faster), Interval Training (HIIT).

Jogged on a treadmill for an hour is not too useful to burn more fat. Because once you are done, then your metabolism is actually not too high. But if you do exercises such Metabolic Circuit Training or HIIT. Your metabolism will increase and durable so that burn more fat, even when you’re done practicing and go home. This is called ABE (After Burning Effect).

If you practice 5-6 times a week, my suggestion to do light exercise for 2 days diselanya as time for recovery.

6. Use Athletics

You probably already read the article 6 Athletics to Establish Six Pack. There are described some type of exercise that is great for making you can have six pack abs are sharp.

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