Friday, December 15

Wall Street Movie Review

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Wall Street is a movie about millionaire traders and big corporations playing the market to make a profit. No amount of money is good enough for these individuals. More is the perfect number. There is never enough money and there is always more to be made. However, money can corrupt people and make them forget about the people in their lives. It can make us cruel and heartless. Money can encourage greed and can even make someone committ suicide. If your self esteem is connected to your bank account, a loss of income can make you do a lot of crazy things.

Wall Street teaches us that while money comes and goes, we only have one life. We should cherish it and live it to the fullest. We should spend our money to make ourselves and our loved ones happy. Family is the only thing that matter at the end of the day. Money seems to run the world until someone decides to quit the game. It appears that the bulls and the bears always make a profit while the pigs lose everything. It takes for a few good men to stand by and do nothing for evil to thrive.


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