Sunday, December 17

Mama Mia Movie Review

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Mama Mia has been released a few years back. I just recently saw this movie on television and would like to say that it is an original story and a nice picture to watch. A girl who did not know who her real father was ended up with three dads. She received money from all of them and her mother married one of them. This movie is the perfect example of a happy ending. There is so much singing and dancing going on. Everyone is extremely giddy at all times. Someone is always getting drunk.

The outfits are bright and hilarious. This movie would definitely be well suited for a gay audience. The message of the movie is that one should not close their heart to love just because they have been hurt in the past. I love this idea and think that it holds true in real life as well. I wish I had discovered three fathers one day who would give me money. This would be my dream. Even one father with money would be nice to have. This movie shows that no matter how old we are it is never too late to find love. If you are feeling down, watch this movie for an instant mood lift.


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