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Be A Beauty Salon Marketing Superstar

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Be A Beauty Salon Marketing Superstar

If you are a beauty salon owner or you are thinking about opening your own salon be prepared to stay on top of the beauty salon marketing game – because you’ll need to do this to thrive and grow. One of most important as well as easiest ways for your business to be marketable is to always have an ‘edge’ on your local competitors. There are many ways to do this, especially for the short term.

Here are a few of the ways you can attract clients to your business both easily and quickly:

• keep your equipment clean and shiny
• offer innovative service packages
• give your beauty salon a lick of paint now and then, create a feature wall that can be repainted with the change in seasons or product promotion
• rotate your stock displays to keep them interesting
• create a membership plan, with member advantages

However, for effective beauty salon marketing in the long term, you need to also focus on developing salon marketing strategies that would prop up a unique reputation for your business that’s much harder for your competitors to beat.

Create a marketing plan for your beauty salon that incorporates the following:

– always interact with your clients with the utmost integrity and professionalism

– stay up to date with research about skin, this includes knowing about

(a) the many kinds of skin types
(b) different skin ailments
(c) both natural and chemical/mechanical skin treatments
(d) causes for and prevention of skin conditions
(e) which correct treatments and products are appropriate for the various skin ailment/skin type combinations

– being an absolute expert on skin care
– educating your clients with information that works
– providing them with information sheets on how to care for their skin at home between appointments
– stay in touch with them online by utilizing social media marketing platforms like Facebook

The effect of being able to meet these kinds of goals in your business will give you a solid foundation that will make putting together a marketing plan for beauty salon a piece of cake.

Hope you find these beauty salon marketing tips helpful.


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