Wednesday, December 13

6 Things I am Doing to Make Sure My Toddler Starts Talking When he Turns Two

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Well he says mama, papa (adorable right) dada (his paternal  grandfather) and nana (his maternal  grandfather).Simple words like this.Sometimes he would mutter A, B and C in the particular tone of ABC song (Thank you Youtube!).  In the beginning I had no objection, I believe a mother should never put stress on her toddlers or children. Let nature takes its course, Let the baby find out his way himself.

But with the passage of time I have started to realize that maybe I can do something to expedite this process. Maybe the fault lies with me.( It is true to some extent because I never try to teach him something seriously). So this article is all about my little efforts to do my best.

Step no. 1: Talk to my toddler:

Ok I do not talk to my toddler much. There is so much to do around the house and less time to sit and talk. But now I think I will talk to my baby even when I am doing some work. I will ask “Honey, what do you think of this?”, “Baby can you please throw this in the dustbin?” or “OK, now tell me where is your Nose? I believe if I talk to him much then he will also learn more words and would try to communicate back.

Step no. 2: Give him Walnuts:

Ok this is my mother-in-law’s idea. She thinks that dry fruits like almond, pistachio and walnut (especially) are mind sharpening foods. I have no problem. I think its no harm giving him some walnuts to eat. I hope it works.

Step no. 3 : Avoid Television and Computer:

My baby loves listening to ABC poems and nursery rhymes on the computer. When I am watching Television , he comes and sits next to me and stares for an indefinite period of time. I have just read that Academy of Pediatrics recommends no television for toddlers because they need the time for interaction and conversation with other people much more than screen time. Yes I also heard about a three year old baby who did not learn to speak because he watched television for six to eight hours daily. I think Television makes you passive, Television and Computer also increases eyebags and eye sight problems in toddlers. So I think T.V. and Computer watching should be limited to less than one hour,

Step no. 4: Read to your Toddler:

Lets see I can read to my toddler but he runs way, Everytime I take a book and tell him to sit next to me he vanishes. He doesn’t like reading. Most of the toddlers don’t. I think I should talk to him about the pictures in the story book. I will speak slowly. Each of my word should be distinct and easy to hear. I will emphasize on some words so that it is easy for him to focus.

Step no. 5: Listening and Repeating:

I think I will build my listening skills too. Once or twice in a day, I would listent to waht he says. His mutterings , his innocent babblings. I will listen to them and repeat them just to give him the feeling that I listen to what he says.

Step no. 6: Praising, prasing and more praising:

Praise and love is what your toddler looks forward too. When ever He will say some new word I will praise and smile at him. I will also tickle him a little to make the process fun. I will also give him soem sort of candy or chocobites (not everytime)

Wel I have written about my plan and my line of action. I will update as soon as my toddler turns two. What do you think of my efforts? Have you done anything to help your toddler talk early. Please share your experience.


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