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Green Tea Vs. Black Tea: The Main Differences

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Many people believe that the only things in which black and green tea are different are their color and taste. This is far from the truth. There is one difference between these two teas that is perhaps the most important especially for people that are interested in the health benefits of tea and that is the amount of antioxidants that are present per gram of plant matter.

When green tea oxidizes (it is fermented to produce black blends) it loses some of the polyphenols it has in the process. But most of the caffeine remains. The weight of the plant matter also decreases so at the end more plant matter needs to be added to make up for the lost weight. The end product ends up with more caffeine per gram and less polyphenols than in its green state. Some of the polyphenols that are found in this plant are considered antioxidants and have been attributed with many health benefits such as lower blood pressure, weight loss, cancer prevention qualities and a higher fat metabolism.

Lower polyphenols make black blends a poor option when it comes to weight loss compared to its green variety but still, the higher amounts of caffeine make it more like coffee in terms of the stimulant effect that can be felt when you drink a cup.

Caffeine has proven itself to be more of a good stimulant than a good weigh loss aid. Although it is present in most hard core weigh loss pills in obscene amounts that can equal up to six cups of coffee a day. It is also functions as a diuretic which can help people lose some weight due to decreased water retention but not as a good metabolic booster unless extreme amounts are taken which is a risky business. Believe it or not even if they are different preparations of the same leaf, they do not have the same effect on the body and there are many studies to prove it.

Usually, green tea is drank only with water with some sweeter added in the form of sugar, honey or a substitute of these two options while black tea is served with milk or cream in some places in Europe just like coffee is in the Americas. Drinking this plant regardless of the type of preparation is treated almost like a ritual in many parts of the world especially in the Asian and European continents. So if you visit one of these amazing lands don’t be surprised if you are offered any form of bagged or loose tea blend or a product made out of this plant at one point or another.


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