Monday, December 11

Why Build Opt In Email Lists?

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These days, it is a truism that almost every website you see offers you the opportunity of subscribing to the webmasters mailing list, and the chances are therefore quite high that yours will not be the only mailing list to which your prospect has subscribed. But the fact remains that no matter what kind of online business you are running, it is an absolute imperative of running a successful business website that you do everything possible to encourage people to subscribe to your prospect mailing list through your site.

Once a visitor makes the decision to subscribe to your mailing list, they are thereby giving you specific permission and authority to send them information about your market or niche on a regular basis.

Of course, this also enables you to send the information about recommended products or services in your marketplace as well. And whilst you should not allow yourself to fall into the trap of sending nothing but recommendations, building your prospect mailing list nevertheless presents you with an opportunity of marketing to your list members on a regular basis. The beauty of permission marketing using e-mail is that by subscribing to your mailing list, your site visitor has already indicated exactly where their interests lie.

For example, if someone signs up to a mailing list which you are building through a site like “,” you can be completely certain that that individual is interested in receiving acne-related information. Whether they have a problem themselves is almost irrelevant, because it is unlikely that anyone would request information about acne and how to deal with it if they did not have some kind of personal interest. In other words, if they don’t have an acne problem themselves, you can be confident that someone else in their life does.

There are any number of possible autoresponder services to use for providing info to your list once you have built one, and nearly all the autoresponder services help you with creating your opt-in forms. Still, you really ought to investigate the more advanced options for signups to your opt in email lists like lightbox popup opt-in forms or video opt-in forms. If you really think about it, your opt-in form is the crucial component in the signup process, so you should always offer the best one you can.


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