Tuesday, December 12

Christmas Turkey

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I have a neighbor that Christmas is the most important month of the year, his name is Ephraim obese-sized man, short and ruddy complexion, missing 2 or 3 months to Christmas dinner efrain goes and picks the best and largest turkey, takes him home and leave it in your backyard for those months in charge of feeding it and be ready to fatten the Christmas dinner, very meticulously takes care of buying the best beans and concentrate betteraccording to is what will give the meat a delicious and unique flavor. 

but the great secret of Mr. Ephraim for preparing the turkey is as follows: one day before the dinner takes a bottle of brandy is a drink as strong or stronger than the vodka he stuffed turkey takes a sip of brandy and immediately begins to chase the animal around the yard to it go all the blood to the head and kill it when its white meat is well seasoned by the rich sweet taste of liquor. 

Well this Christmas gift efrain was ready to make the usual ritual of preparing the turkey, as every year he took out his bottle of brandy, but this time did not help one but two glasses of brandy, one gave it to the turkey and the other is the took over, he released the animal and started running behind him, stopping every 3 minutes stifled served two cups, one for turkey and one for him and continued the chase after the turkey, this was repeated 3,4,5,6 and more often, the wife of Mr. Ephraim to see that the hours passed and no sign of her husband for a little worried nowhere walked into the yard to see what was what happened when he opened the door to the courtyard was amazed by what their eyes saw, Don Ephraim was sitting on the floor leaning against a tree dead drunk with his face more red than ever, embracing the turkey like a friend of partying more.




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