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If My Mother Had Breast Cancer am I at Higher Risk ? What Are The Precautions I Need to Take ?

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If my mother had breast Cancer am I at greater Risk? What are the precautions I need to take?
Breast cancer is one of the most common diseases prevalent among women. While a host of factors known and unknown contribute for this illness, hereditary factor is  considered as most common among them. If your mother  or anyother close blood relative had breast cancer, you have increased risk of developing it yourself. Knowing the history of  your family, understanding  your personal risks, having appropriate screening tests and making  the lifestyle choices are key to good breast health steps . If your family had a breast cancer  history, your risk being high your  approach to understanding the importance of proper breast health, both physical and emotional well-being are of vital importance.
If your mother, sister or daughter had  breast cancer,  your chances  of risk of breast cancer is two to three times the risk of  a person  without a family history.. However, increased  risk of developing breast cancer does not mean you will develop the disease. Talk with your health care provider to  know the  personal risks and his / her recommendation for regular screening need to be considered. Regular checks usually  consist of mammography, clinical breast examination and self-examination. Depending on your rate of  individual risk , additional screening may be recommended.

Only  5 to 10 percent of all breast cancer is associated with heredity. Genetic testing  would be able to diagnose if you have inherited  the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes, which play an important role in the development of some cases of breast cancer .. However, presence of  mutated gene can not be  a sure sign  that you will get breast cancer. If your family history and personal risk  bother you much  discuss with your  family doctor,  to decide whether  genetic testing is right for you.

Taking preventive measures and making healthy lifestyle

Many of the factors for breast cancer may  be out of your  control . While  aging,  and being a woman are beyond  your control  there are factors that  can be taken care of. For example, alcohol consumption, lack of exercise and being overweight are factors of  risk  that could  be changed. 

One has tremendous responsibility If  one’s  mother  or other close relative is diagnosed with breast cancer, she  badly needs  support from diagnosis through treatment and beyond.  Patient’s family and friends, fellow survivor network,  all will be an important part of her support system. Still no one could give her the psychological  support like you in her hour of crisis.


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