Monday, December 11

Managing Apartment Management

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Regardless of the development’s size, it’s not likely that the property owner or the landlord resides in or near the complex. So how are these investors securing success and ensure a return on their investment? David Lindahl, a renowned property investor advises that successful ownership starts with a solid team. Your staff should be motivated towards success and held accountable. Mr. Lindahl owns over 7,000 units around the US and has been investing in apartments and homes for more than 14 years. When the self proclaimed “Apartment King” reiterates the importance of a reliable team, landlords across the US pay head to his advice.

Trusting your team on word of mouth alone is a divine, but unrealistic practice. Simply assuming that your managers are providing excellent service to your tenants could be costly. In addition to maintaining the image of your complex, you rely upon your manager to carry out the day-to-day functions of running it. More often times than not, your manager is also trusted to bring in new clients and implement strategies to attract and maintain renters. Call tracking should be utilized as an affordable and vital technology in monitoring professionalism and productivity. How is your team representing you in their dealing with your clients and potential tenants. This technology would be beneficial for landlords invested in multiple properties for training purposes, collections and even maintenance management.

With inbound call tracking, landlords can measure the effectiveness of their promotions by tracking the calls they generate. Each one is given it’s own unique phone number. The incoming calls are traced, tracked and recorded. Outbound call tracking tracks and records all outbound calls from your staff. This can be especially advantageous when dealing with maintenance/repairs disputes. The most vital aspect of both inbound and outbound call tracking is to ensuring the tenants or prospective tenants are satisfied and accurate information is given.

We provide both inbound and outbound call tracking, as well as web analytics. It eliminates the guess work from advertising, employee retention, lay offs, promotions and training. Landlords rarely supervise their employees, the teams are simply trusted when they should be held accountable.

The cost of call tracking is a lot less than what is lost by one vacant apartment, one day with an unproductive employee, or one ineffective ad. Give us a try. If you are unhappy with the results, or you simply do not see the service helping, cancel anytime. How much is it costing you not to try?

ACI Call Tracking offers call tracking and recording features for both home and business users. For more information, or to sign up for service, please visit our web site located at


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