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Using The Create Running Total Field Box / Remaining

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On change of group, the running total will evaluate each time there is a change of group (once for each group). Again use the drop-down list to select a group.

”   Use a formula, the running total is evaluated each time the condi­tion of the formula is true.

6. Select if and when you want the running total to reset in die Reset area. To set your running total to calculate per group, you need to reset it per group here.

Reset options:

•   Never. The running total will not be reset and will calculate, continuously for the entire report.

•   On change of field. The running total will reset each time it en counters a certain field.

•   On change of group. The running total will reset each time it encounters a new group, as specified in the drop-down list on the right.

•   Use a formula. The running total will reset when the value of the formula is true.

7. Click OK to close the Create Running Total Field dialog box. Select the name of the running total you just created from the Running Total’ Fields list in the Field Explorer, and place the field in the Details sec­tion of your report. Or place the running total field in the Group Footer section to have the report print the running total for the group, without accumulating values listed on each detail line.

8. Preview your report to see the running total and verify that it works as you intended


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