Tuesday, December 12

Percentage Calculations

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SCR gives volatile option to calculate percentages as your summary. Select the Show as Percentage Of check box on the Insert Summary dialog box to calculate a percentage. The default calculation displays the group total as a percent of the report’s grand total for the selected field. For example, say that your report shows invoices grouped by customer. If you summarize the in­voice total field for each customer and check Show as Percentage Of, the report prints each customer’s percentage of total invoice sales.

Creating GrandTotals

Grand totals are totals for an entire report. They differ from subtotals and summaries, which calculate per group. All of the functions available for sum­marizing groups are also available for creating grand totals for the report. Like subtotals and summaries, you can either select the field you want to summarize first or select the field after opening the Insert Grand Total dialog box. To insert a grand total summary:

1. Click Insert, Grand Total. You can also use the shortcut menu of the field you have selected. The Insert Grand Total dialog box opens.

2. Select the summary function you want to calculate.

3. If you have not already done so, select the field that you want to sum­marize. Click OK to close the dialog box.

4. The Grand Total field appears in the Report Footer section of your report, directly below the field that it summarizes.


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