Friday, December 15

Creating Summaries

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Summaries are like subtotals, except that you have many functions from which to choose rather than just the sum (unction when inserting a subtotal. Select the sidebar “Summary Functions” for a complete list of the available functions and where to find additional help regarding each function.

To insert a summary for a group:

1. Click Insert, Summary or use the Insert Summary toolbar button. The Insert Summary dialog box opens. Alterna­tively, you can open the shortcut menu for the field you want to summarize and choose Insert Summary.

2. Using the second list, select the field you want to summarize. (SCR ‘completes this field automatically if you opened the insert Summary dialog box from the selected field’s shortcut menu.)

3. Select the summary function that you want to calculate for the chosen field from the first list. Nearly 20 (functions are available.

4. Select any of the check boxes that describe the functionality you want to use on the report (located at the bottom of the insert summary dialog box).

The next section covers the Show as a Percentage Of check box. Select the Insert Summary Fields for AI! Groups check box to insert a sum-mar)’ for all groups, not just the preceding specified one. Select the Insert Grand Total Field check box to insert a grand total of the field in the Report Footer section.

5. The third list gives you the ability to specify to which group to add the subtotal or summary calculation. If you have only one group on your report, only one group will be listed here.

6. Click OK, and the summary field appears directly below the field it summarizes.


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